Monday, 2 February 2009

"Tosta EP" by Benny White - Do Not Fail It

"Tosta EP" by Benny White is now live at Juno - iTunes - Beatport
Benny White worked as technician of sound for live (Secco - Valence, Sonim - Grenoble) and production of shorts films (les fourmis tout court - Valence) during 3 years and began in parallel the electronic musical production in the objective to play its creations ‘liveAct’.
During 4 years, Benny mixed different styles while perfecting his techniques.
The sharing of its music with public decided on him to play in the French and European trendy clubs. (Mornans Land festival, Panoramix Nights festival, les voiles, sarrazin, the tapacos, the farm, Fur, the escapade, the jean’s, …..) and allowed him to create remix for different artists nationalities (Miss Casslemon – FR , Alex Graf’ – DE , Techno skirells – US , Ika – PB, …)<; His fresh music and vibrating, offer a dynamics and a sensation to be well shared by all.

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