Wednesday, 31 July 2013

"SPEAK" new Ali Zee EP out now ... do not fail it

ALI ZEE brand new EP out now "SPEAK" EP now live at  iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload -  Google Play - eMusicAmazon ... do not fail and enjoy...

Monday, 29 July 2013

Marcel Ei Gio "ERROR 303" new EP out now ... enjoy

Marcel Ei Gio presents "Error 303" brand new EP out worldwide @  iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunes - Audiojelly - Google Play - eMusicAmazon ... do not fail it ... 

Friday, 26 July 2013

"Bubble" new BALEX F EP now out

BALEX F is back with BUBBLE
BUBBLE is a 2 solid track Techno /Tech house EP
with the usual BALEX F special "kick"

Out now at  iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunes -  Google Play - eMusicAmazon ... enjoy ...

Thursday, 25 July 2013

White presents "Rocking Land" album ... enjoy it

WHITE presents "Rocking Land"
 A surprising album expressing the roots of simple and straight forward Rockn'Roll
An inspiring album where vigorous and explosive rock songs taking as an example "THERE'S A WOMAN" , meat with
melting ballads such as "JUST MINE"
But the collection of melodies, harmonies is such, that also a tribute by White to the Rolling Stones may be found on "SONG OF A ROLLING STONE"

The album is now out on prime shops such as  iTunes - Junodownload - 7DigitalAmazon - eMusic soon at others 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

"Moony" new ENDWISE JP EP now live ... enjoy

New just release ENDWISE JP EP *Moony* is now out at iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - Amazon -GooglePlay - Rhapsody ... enjoy

Monday, 22 July 2013

Frank Bizzle presents SHIFT

Frank Bizzle presents SHIFT
As one of the area’s newest and hottest up and coming DJ/Producers, Frank Bizzle started his career at the age of 19. Over the next several years he honed his style and technique to move from the party scene to the club scene. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry in and out of the studio. Frank currently holds a residency on Radio FG USA on Tuesday nights at 11pm.

Don't miss "SHIFT" and keep up with good vibes

Thursday, 18 July 2013

CHI TEK "The Beginning" out now

Chi Tek - The Beginning
THE BEGINNING is the follow up ep to Chris Sammarco's aka Chi Tek smash "Crystal Piano"
With Chris Sammarco, Frank Lamboy, Adam Bennett ABSX and Serious Xtacy ABSX remixes
Out now on iTunesBeatportJunodownloadDjShopDjTunesAudiojelly7DigitaleMusicAmazon … enjoy

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

SPACE & ALIENS by SmK1337 out now

SPACE & ALIENS by SmK1337 Full gear with SmK1337
Bangin' as it should

Check SPACE & ALIENS on iTunesBeatportJunodownloadDjShopDjTunesAudiojellyGoogle Play7Digital - eMusicAmazon

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

FrankC new EP LA JUJUBA Out Now

*La Jujuba* by FrankC including "La Jujuba" and "This Is Sound" Originals and FErencz Hidalgo Remixes is now live worldwide @  iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunes - Audiojelly - Google Play - 7Digital - eMusic - Amazon ... enjoy...

Friday, 12 July 2013

SOUNDTRACK OF MY MIND new Two Jazz Project album is now released

SOUNDTRACK OF MY MIND new Two Jazz Project album is now released
Two Jazz Project have a brilliant rooster, multiple EP's and albums have been released with several charted tracks
Soundtrack Of My Mind is a crossover album including tracks that range from Drum & Bass to House, Chill to Broken Beat.

We are pleased to invite you to enjoy Two Jazz Project new album now live worldwide @ iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjTunes - Google Play - 7DigitaleMusicAmazon

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Philip Mayer feat Justine Berg - IN PARADISE EP – Out Now

Philip Mayer feat Justine Berg - IN PARADISE 

An House ep where both tracks are set to be on high rotation !
Roger Shah, Sean Tyas, Bobina, Dj Feel, Manuel Le Saux, Pedro Del Mar and many many more are supporting Justine and Philip

IN PARADISE with “In Paradise” and “Love Of The Night” is out and live worldwide @  iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop -  Audiojelly - Google Play - 7DigitaleMusic - RhapsodyAmazon … do not fail it

Monday, 8 July 2013

Sinrobins presents POWER new EP out now... do not fail it

POWER by Sinrobins
SINROBINS was born in 1978, he has shown since an early age his feelings for music, when at the age of eight he handled with passion drums and percussion.
At the age of 17 he has decided to explore new horizons through electronic music in particular experimental techno House, deep techno, techno trance… starting his career as a DJ.
He has since participated in several Dj championships and events where his talent has been proven, and has produced several tracks in areas that range from techno house, experimental techno to film music.

POWER new Sinrobins EP is now out  on all main shops such as iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunes - Audiojelly - Google Play - 7Digital - RhapsodyeMusic -Amazon

Friday, 5 July 2013


FOLLOW ME NOW - EP by T.R.I. Games
The catchy melody of the refrain and the sensual vocal of singer Tamara Dorcic introduce us to a relaxed summer idyll brimming with love challenges. It is spiced up by dance rhythms and a warm sound of the saxophone interpreted by an excellent Croatian saxophonist Denis Razumović. The music, arrangement and lyrics authors are the members of T.R.I. Games; Tamara Dorcic, Goran Lakotic and Igor Relic. The production arrangement was done by Goran Lakotic and Igor Relic. ''Follow Me Now'' is presented by an original ''pop house'' version with a special emphasis on a strong vocal arrangement combined with dance rhythms and inevitable synthesizer sounds.
Special thanks to Michael Gesdorf, Ron Cain , Derek Harri, Gerrard Dillman, Monsta ,Alando Palais in Osnabrück, Club Ecstasy in Texas, 2 Tone Music , Tony & Adam’s, The Outside in Regina

" FOLLOW ME NOW " is now out on iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunes - Audiojelly - Google Play - 7DigitaleMusic - RhapsodyAmazon

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Wharmton Rise presents *Life Line* out now

The award winning sounds of Wharmton Rise are back as a new EP is released !
Wharmton Rise is the artist name of electronic soundtrack composer Andrew Mark Lawlor.
Wharmton Rise tracks typically consist of musical journeys from densely populated arpeggiations to massive soundscapes laced with ethereal leads and vocals

Composing mostly in the New Age/Ambient genres. relax and meditate to the sounds of the new 6 track EP " LIFE LINE " now officially out on iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - Audiojelly - DjDownload - Deezer - Google PlayeMusic - Spotify - RhapsodyAmazon 

Monday, 1 July 2013

Antele Prox is back with ISSUED THIRD do not fail it

Antele Prox is back with ISSUED THIRD
As on Issued First and Issued Second - ISSUED THIRD including "Luxor" and "Nayzu" follows the path - groove all the way
Keep it up with fine EDM