Saturday, 31 August 2013

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Swann Decamme & Leukrist present " NETHER "

Swann Decamme & Leukrist present " NETHER "

Swann Decamme relies on minimal rhythms to create groovy melodic trakcs while Luekrist is up with hip-hop, techno and acid house
Together they make a powerful combination of high energy vibes

" NETHER " is now made available through  iTunes- Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunes - Audiojelly - Deezer - RhapsodyeMusic - 7DigitalAmazon 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Nullcipher presents A CAT’S VIEW

Nullcipher - A CAT’S VIEW - EP
A guided trip through the cats vision driven by melodic synhts and psychedelic harmonies now live worldwide @  iTunes - Beatport -  Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunes - Audiojelly - Deezer - 7Digital - RhapsodyeMusicSpotify - Amazon ...

Monday, 26 August 2013

Blaise Grippa - HERE WE GO AGAIN new single … enjoy

Blaise Grippa presents “Here We Go Again” now live worldwide @  iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjTunes -  Deezer - Spotify - Rhapsody - eMusicAmazon
2013 started off just right for Blaise Grippa with Global DJ Stonebridge, showcasing his new remix of S69 & Krista Richards “Can’t Quit,” on Stoney Boy Productions. He was also invited to DJ at some of the hottest events at the Winter Music Conference in Miami.
What sets him apart from other DJ’s is his personality and his willingness to make sure that everyone who walks into an event has a good time.
His performances are diverse and eclectic. Blaise is known for creating his own edits, mashups and producing a high energy set. His sound has no barrier and his style is influenced by some of the greatest DJ/Producers of all time such as Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez and Tiesto.

Keep your eye out for this multi-talented DJ, Producer and Remixer, as he is poised for success.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Damien Hall presents IN THE JUNGLE

Damien Hall presents IN THE JUNGLE
Now live worldwide on  iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunes - Audiojelly - Google Play - Deezer - SpotifyeMusic - Google Play -  Amazon
Damien Hall grew up in a musical home. At age twelve, he started programming his own beats in Garageband, moving on to Logic and soon playing his productions in clubs as a DJ.
So far Damien has held resident spots at the hot Stockholm clubs Solidaritet and Saluhallen. He has done guest appearances in F12 and Entourage in Stockholm, Pacha in Mallorca, and Nivou in Oslo. Also he has played in shows during ADE in Amsterdam and an Asia tour covering Macau and Singapore, where he played for over 1000 cheering house fans on New Year’s Eve.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

MEMORIES EP by Pedro Costa

Pedro Costa new EP "Memories" live now @ iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunes - Audiojelly - GooglePlay - Deezer - Spotify - 7DigitalAmazon
Pedro Costa has shown his interest in the music world around 2006 when he began taking his first steps in the art of DJing, he has started by playing in small parties, coming later to perform in bars.
In 2009, wanting to improve his musical concept, he has moved to Lisbon where he took a course in Production and Djing Dancefloor Dj Academy. He has completed the course successfully and returned to his homeland where he immediately has begun to perform in nightclubs and parties sharing the cabin with some renowned artists such as Kika Lewis, Henry Josh, Monica Seidl, Anna Wild, etc.
A year later, Pedro Costa releases his first EP's achieving his first contracts with national and international labels & publishers.
You may find Pedro Costa's tracks as well as the new EP now being released on Beatport and throughout all digital shops

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Following "Make A Wish" EP released past June, FoolOver presents now "Make A Wish OSO Project Remixes" a successful collaboration between FoolOver and OSO Project now live worldwide @ iTunes - BeatportJunodownload - DjShop - DjTunes - Audiojelly - Spotify - Google Play - Amazon ... enjoy ...

Monday, 19 August 2013

Richard Yates presents "What Is House Music Vol 1" the album ... do not fail it

Following “What Is House Music” EP’s series Richard Yates presents “What Is House Music Vol 1” the album including a brand new single “Flyin Low” and “What Is House Music (Continuous Mix)” is now live worldwide @  iTunes - BeatportJunodownload - DjShop - DjTunesAudiojelly - Google Play -  Amazon ...

Friday, 16 August 2013

Just For Two - Electro Pop EP by T.R.I. Games

T.R.I. Games present their second EP ''Just For Two – Electro Pop'' live worldwide @  iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - Deezer - SpotifyGoogle Play - Amazon
JUST FOR TWO reflects the eternal game between love and feelings, inspired by a creative vocal interpretation of Tamara Dorcic. Emotive and visual contrasts guide us through a wishful world of love with its distinguishing melody and specific vocals.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

"Albasinian " new Harri Kakoulli EP ... do not fail it

Harri Kakoulli presents "ALBASINIAN" new EP live worldwide @ iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunes- Audiojelly - Deezer - eMusic Amazon ... do not fail it ...
Includes *1-Albasinian (The Gamma Mix) *2-Albasinian (The Beta Mix) *3-Albasinian (The Alpha Mix) *4-Albasinian (The Delta Mix) *5-Albasinian (Beta Radio Edit Mix) *6-Albasinian (Alpha Radio Edit) *7-Albasinian (Megamix)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

CHAOS by Sinrobins

Sinrobins passion for music started at an early age bringing forward new horizons through electronic music, in particular experimental techno house, house, deep techno, techno trance, and film music.

Sinrobins delivers a new 5 track EP * CHAOS * which is now made available on iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunes - Google Play - eMusic - SpotifyAmazon ... do not fail it 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Monday, 12 August 2013

Friday, 9 August 2013

CHILL & SOFT VOL 3 a smooth electronic compilation now made available for your "special" moments

Ambient, lounge, nu jazz, ambient house, new age and other sub-genres of downtempo may be found on Chill & Soft VOL 3
A smooth electronica compilation now made available for your "special" moments
CHILL & SOFT VOL 3 is out on all main shops such as  iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjTunes -  Deezer - eMusic - Google Play Amazon
Track List

*When Spirits Fly Original Mix - Daniel Cutright *In TimeTimeless Vocal Mix - Paul James, Zoe Alexzandra *It's The Right Time Original Mix - Kreg Jason *Flughafen Lounge Original Mix - Goran Geto *Canon Original Mix - James Burton            *Suspiro Original Mix - NOUS aka Fernando Adrian Correa * Love Like Heaven Remix - Harri Kakoulli *Farewell Letter Downtempo Mix - DJ Kosmas K * Goa Theme Part I & II - Two Jazz Project *Through This Window Original Mix - Mo'Bop *Infinite Peace Original – Vanutti *Sunshine Shaker Original Mix - One Note - Earth Bound Original Mix - Wharmton Rise *Synthese Original Mix - Mr. Qwertz

Thursday, 8 August 2013

CHRIS NATEG presents "Light Of My Night" ... enjoy

New Chris Nateg single "Light Of My Night" now live worldwide at  iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - GooglePlay - eMusic - Amazon ... check it out and enjoy ...

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

MAG X presents "Once Said" EP … enjoy

Reynold aka Mag X has participated and won several contests. Hip Hop as it peaked gave Reynold the inspiration to Deejay, Coming from a city where being a Deejay was considered taboo at
that time he had to totally rely on working from home. Soon he started deejaying at the age of 19 which gave him a whole new perspective in music and in turn developed the love of Electronic dance music.
Blocked from the outside world Reynold experimented in different sounds and soon found a connection towards Dubstep which gave him the inspiration to produce.
*Once Said* is now made available on iTunes- Beatport - Junodownload -  Google PlayeMusicAmazon including an Ali Zee Mix

Friday, 2 August 2013

*Vinho Puro Remixes* by David Marques out now ... enjoy

David Marques presents "Vinho Puro Remixes" with David Marques and Pedro Costa new remixes the new EP is now worldwide available at iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunes - Audiojelly - Deezer - eMusic - Amazon ... enjoy it ...

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Antele Prox. ISSUED FOURTH new EP out now

ISSUED FOURTH by Antele Prox
Antele Prox is back with a follow up EP, a summer dancefloor hit
Keep up with fine beats and checkout the previous
EP's "Issued One" "Issued Second" and "Issued Third"
Out on all prime shops such as iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunes - Audiojelly - Google Play - eMusicAmazon ...