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B.T.B. Blue Tone Boy "You Walked Away" new EP - do not fail it

You Walked Away " the NEW EP by B.T.B. *Blue Tone Boy release on all Top Stores - iTunes- JunoDownload- Beatport- DjDownload- PachaDownload- HMVDigital- Amazon- eMusic- 7Digital- FNAC

-“The first track " You Walked Away " is the form of closure for me, writing the song made me heal...and come to terms of her walking enjoy this unique slice of deep house that only B.T.B. creates in his own way...

The second track " Touched" is how are hearts are Touched by people who travel with us on our life journey...some go..some stay forever..some will be your rock forever...and some will turn out to the most gratifying soul friend you will ever have..either as a friend family or partner...It is a deep filled rhythm slice of Deep House that you can not only journey with but enjoy intensely ...
The Third Track "PURE What is Love " is asking the ancient question of what is the love you feel in your does it you feel the love that surrounds you...are you able to work with that love for the better...can you readily absorb the love that flows towards you...and most YOU resonate with your own Love towards other... another slice of Deep House that has beautiful melodic undertones but a nice danceable rhythm that will entice your hands to dance and your feet to shuffle along to...and most of all to connect with come to realize just how important the songs will become to your inner-self and how you relate to the emotions placed inside each song..
Please enjoy &p; share and support this latest EP from B.T.B. *Blue Tone Boy …"

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"Farol de Olinda" by Andre Rio - check it out

Andre Rio Album "Farol de Olinda" worldwide available at iTunes - Amazon- 7Digital ... check it out and enjoy...

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Toto Lopez new EP "Remembering" live ... enjoy it

Toto Lopez presents "Remembering" new EP worldwide available @ iTunes- Junodownload- Beatport- Amazon- 7Digital - Rhapsody ... check it out and enjoy...

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