Saturday, 31 May 2008

Tony Parkan "Come With Me EP" - Now Available - Do Not Fail It

Now Available on Digital Platforms "Come With Me EP" The New Tony Parkan EP
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Wednesday, 28 May 2008



Presenting DJ VgN EP - CHECK IT OUT

Available on Beatport - Juno - iTunes
At the age of five VgN enters the Conservatory which never leaves, he started by playing flute until he was 12, at 13 he starts with guitar.
Music passionate from his tender years, classical music and symphonic metal where his favourites, guitar players of the 80’s (Jason Becker, Malmsteem , Satriani …) are his heroes, as well as electronic music (Jean Michel Jarre, Daft Punk, etc…).
VGN amongst the years has achieved guitar techniques so he may play his heroes tunes. In 2003 VgN finds a new guitar teacher, music professional and producer who teach him MAO on cubase during years.
Three years later, VgN perfectly exploits cubase (but in 2008 decides to move towards Logic Studio 8).
Later he signs his first record agreements with Uneq Productions and LAD Records, and finally starts to commercialize his productions, besides mixing in many private nights.
Enjoy it and stay tuned...

Monday, 26 May 2008

"Pulse" Mr. Qwertz Newest Album - Check It Out

"PULSE" is the newest MR. Qwertz Album - Check It Out
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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Edu Yattah "Entitled EP" just released - Check It Out

Just Released "Entitled EP" by Edu Yattah - Check It Out
Available Beatport - iTunes - Juno 
Producing, retouching and playing with electronic music for 5 years, the music of Edu Yattah tries to create an embracing sound that, above all, generates a flying atmosphere. The music means having a good time anyhow. It assumes meeting people, listening to new things and specially sharing moments. During high school he attended the conservatory of music Manuel de Falla where he took classes for a degree in percussion. His way through this institution led him to make a lot of friends and form different music bands in which he performed as drummer. Thus it expanded his likes, introduced him to new sounds and gave him the musical formation that is applied in his actual bases and rhythms.It was then that he started going to different music spaces, most of them related to the dance cult and electronic music such as Clubland, Caix and Pacha Buenos Aires. When he entered the electronic space the sound of progressive house was taking shape and developing in a full process of expansion. He started listening to all the referents of that moment whether it was a techno style, progressive, trance or electro. During his first years with electronic music Edu didn’t have much access to music in its original format. His approach was as a spectator, radio listener and producer of the tendencies of the moment. A dark, accelerated sound with tribal shades can be identified in his music from his first tracks, more than 4 years ago. Among his productions he has remixed artists like Kosheen, Bj√∂rk, Madonna, BT and now his new remix of Sasha’s track "Mongoose". His current sound achieved through a wide range of influences within the electronic genre generates a different space, opened to the inclusion of new styles and frequencies… His way through Club Caix (Fiction 8 AM) in the mornings with Aldo Haydar led him to acquire a different panorama of what can be achieved with sound in a dancefloor. His time spent in TriscoBooking (Djs agency) enriched him musically speaking and was his base to get to a new conception of the electronic music production. What is interesting about music, even when it is hard to apply, is that you have to be open to different sounds, adjusting to the dancefloor format and mostly experimenting new frequencies all the time.

Thursday, 15 May 2008


AVAILABLE AT Beatport - Juno -  iTunes 
Kubekropper aka. Phil Wiltshire started writing dance music in the early 90’s with old school friend Rik Owen. The duo came from Southend-on-Sea (Essex, UK) and delivered 11 no-nonsense house & techno anthems that took the underground club scene by storm, resulting in them landing a contract with Peach Records, a subsidiary of PWL International.
By the mid 90’s Phil had turned to his other musical passion of bass playing. He helped form the local phenomenon Turtle Soup supporting many signed artists of the day such as Electrasy and Jaguar. They also supported The Spencer Davis Group and were represented for a while by Don Airy (Whitesnake, Ozzy Ozbourne, Deep Purple).
In 1999 Phil joined the group Chenko who again had some success supporting other signed acts, such as Contempo.
Since 2002 he has been with the pop/ dance/ funk duo Myson, along with Chenko’s front person Lisa Ellis.
Late 2007 found Phil writing and producing house/ funk/ film music under the name Kubekropper. So far there has been a remix of the Myson track “Pacific Blue” and two other tracks “Bangkok Sunrise” and “Liquid Remix“. In early 2008 the Portuguese label LAD Publishing & Records signed Kubekropper, releasing the three tracks on an EP entitled “Kubekropper“.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A-MUSH Album "Behind THE Dark" DO NOT FAIL IT



Now available at Beatport - iTunes - Juno 

A-MUSH? Why ?! ... "A" comes from "NOW" and "MUSH" comes from Mushrooms and from this union of letters the name is born!
The creation of A-MUSH in mid-2005 derives from a game called Unrealtournament! Sometimes a bio not only explains how the person is, but the trend that "something" is. In a game online, the conversation part in "chat" The game should have sound while playing.
What would life be without music?
A-MUSH begin by Dj sets, in the style of Shitf, Azax, Iron M. and other very well known DJ’s.
Doing live sets on parties and feasts A-MUSH keeps going around, enjoying themselves and giving happiness to everybody around, giving them "A BIG SMILE" ".
“Behind THE Dark” is the 1st A-MUSH album, released by LAD where Psytrance, Dub and Electro music is waiting to be appreciated and enjoyed by all.
A-MUSH are now in force to raise the power that is yet to be raised in the big dance floor’s being j0j0 and Joka ready to present “Behind THE Dark” all around.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Djpats EP "ElectrOrient" - Do Not Fail It

Djpats Newest Ep "ElectrOrient" - Do Not Fail It

Now available at Beatport - iTunes - Juno