Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Presenting DJ VgN EP - CHECK IT OUT

Available on Beatport - Juno - iTunes
At the age of five VgN enters the Conservatory which never leaves, he started by playing flute until he was 12, at 13 he starts with guitar.
Music passionate from his tender years, classical music and symphonic metal where his favourites, guitar players of the 80’s (Jason Becker, Malmsteem , Satriani …) are his heroes, as well as electronic music (Jean Michel Jarre, Daft Punk, etc…).
VGN amongst the years has achieved guitar techniques so he may play his heroes tunes. In 2003 VgN finds a new guitar teacher, music professional and producer who teach him MAO on cubase during years.
Three years later, VgN perfectly exploits cubase (but in 2008 decides to move towards Logic Studio 8).
Later he signs his first record agreements with Uneq Productions and LAD Records, and finally starts to commercialize his productions, besides mixing in many private nights.
Enjoy it and stay tuned...

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