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Sava Boric presents #Party Time#

PARTY TIME brand new SAVA BORIC EP available @ iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunes - Pure Connect - 7Digital - Medianet - Google Play - Amazon - Spotify - eMusic ... do not fail this fantastic HouseMusic asset ...

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

SUNNY #SABES BEM# made available worldwide

From an early age Sunny has shown a very special appeal to arts.
Having started her career as ballerina, leads her to opt into the dance area always having in mind esthetic attached to beauty.
Carrying on with her artistic formation both in singing and piano, she finally decided to become a singer.
Adding up her acquired skills as ballerina and singer, it didn't take long for invitations to arrive, and Sunny was invited to take part in several projects and even record a first solo album at her own expense, not satisfied, she carries own the search of her dream.
Finally Sunny is "discovered" by a producer responsible for several international hits, through Nude Music Productions, who took in his hands the production of Sunny's first production via LAD Records with whom a very long and reliable reputation has been established in many top and charted projects.
Soon and taking under attention the quality, working skills, talent and complicity shown throughout time making her a special artist, Sunny shall be a name to take under attention.

Brand new ENDWISE JP EP "We Never Give It Up" now available

ENDWISE JP presents #We Never Give It Up# brand new psy trance EP now made available @ iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunes - Pure Connect - 7Digital - Medianet - Google Play - Amazon - eMusic  ...

Friday, 15 November 2013

Manuel Carranco presents "In Private"

M CARRANCO is back with this new release lifted from his phenomenal "In Private". This EP features his unmistakable dark and sexy vocals of himself and got the remix treatment by THE MAE who remix this track into a fierce yet soulful dance floor thumper laced with entrancing melodies, who deliver a marvelous utterly soulful rendition, and last but not least to say that this EP consists of two parts, the second one that will be released in the forthcoming months and is tittled "In Public". Also is included in this pack the original radio version.

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DJ Teck presents FREEDOM

DJ Teck presents "FREEDOM" new single is now out on iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunesAmazon - Medianet - Google Play - Spotify … 
 He was only 14 when he discovered his passion for electronic music and started to mix songs
At 15 he began to mix using FL Studio
At age 16 he started working for a web radio : Radio Passion Dance .
In December , 2011, he made his debut in the world of clubs in Milan with his first Live Set at Cafe Atlantique Milan.
The debut at the Tropicana Milan matched his second Live Set February 2012 , in collaboration with Slide List .
On April 4th, 2012 in Milan he plays at the LimeLight Hardwell evening and he hasn't stopped till now ....
DJ Teck Facebook

Friday, 8 November 2013

B.T.B. (Blue Tone Boy) presents “EPHEMERAL SKIES”

B.T.B. (Blue Tone Boy)creates delicate based patterns of rhythm with mystery wrapped inside a deep tech feel of shades of varying light tones that subtly expand in the track as we proceed to look at the Ephemeral Skies, whilst the groove wraps itself around you and keeps hold of that nice feeling for the mind journey

EPHEMERAL SKIES is now out and made available on iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - DjTunesAudiojelly - Spotify - MedianetPure Connect - 7Digital - Google Play - Amazon 

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Antele Prox. presents “Finally”

Antele Prox. presents now “Finally” a brand new Electro House single that will for sure be rolling on the dancefloors this Autumn following “Issued Ultimate” were “Disco Spin” and  “Disco Jazz” had stood on several charts around the world.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Wharmton Rise’s "Life Line" - Hypnagogue Review

Charging out of the gates fueled by high-octane electro-funk, Wharmton Rise’s Life Line is a quick shot of five uptempo toe-tappers that race by in under 30 minutes, leaving just a big wash of euphoria in their wake. It’s tasty electro-pop with a slight old-school edge, and it’s pure fun. “Avatar” puts me in mind of George Duke as it opens the disc with a meaty bass line and a jazzy attitude. Andrew Mark Lawlor laces a nice drop into this one, switching up the feel for a minute or so before he brings it home. “Disturbance” is about as close to club music as I’ve heard Lawlor get. The beat thuds along over a chugging rhythm and floaty melody. This one has a tasty 80s synthpop vibe to it, and begs for extra volume. It leads into the title track, an angular, robotic thing with something of a late-Kraftwerk edge to it. (I am also reminded of some of Sensitive Chaos’ work here.) ”The Park” is my favorite piece on Life Line. It opens with twinkling keys and string pads. Piano comes in and the piece becomes a smooth blend of New Age and electronic–with a rimshot-driven lounge beat and another tasty bass line to hold it all down. “Recollections” follows suit, a lightweight piece of ear-candy with a cool groove to it. Lawlor closes the release with “Titan’s Rhythm.” Clocking in at under three minutes, it’s almost a toss-away track compared to the rest. Throbbing chords pair up with high pads, bringing echoes of Oldfield’s Songs of Distant Earth to mind. It seems to end right about the time it wants to get more interesting.
Life Line, as I said, is a fun release. It’s got energy to spare and its clean, edge-of-retro sound is easy to latch onto. Lawlor’s definitely in his comfort zone here and it shows. A short ride that’s definitely worth taking...  Hypnagogue review

80's COMPUTER GIRL by DJ Kosmas K (The remixes)

80's COMPUTER GIRL by DJ Kosmas K - The Remixes
Following the single, a remix package of 80'COMPUTER GIRL is now being released
3 different remixes are now made available each and everyone of them with a very distinct and flavored touch
Back to the 80's (DJ Kosmas K remix)
BTB (Progressive Club Mix)
Antele Prox Remix
This remix package has been made available on  iTunes - BeatportJunodownload - DjShop - DjTunes - Audiojelly - SpotifyPure Connect - 7Digital - Google Play - Amazon