Wednesday, 20 November 2013

SUNNY #SABES BEM# made available worldwide

From an early age Sunny has shown a very special appeal to arts.
Having started her career as ballerina, leads her to opt into the dance area always having in mind esthetic attached to beauty.
Carrying on with her artistic formation both in singing and piano, she finally decided to become a singer.
Adding up her acquired skills as ballerina and singer, it didn't take long for invitations to arrive, and Sunny was invited to take part in several projects and even record a first solo album at her own expense, not satisfied, she carries own the search of her dream.
Finally Sunny is "discovered" by a producer responsible for several international hits, through Nude Music Productions, who took in his hands the production of Sunny's first production via LAD Records with whom a very long and reliable reputation has been established in many top and charted projects.
Soon and taking under attention the quality, working skills, talent and complicity shown throughout time making her a special artist, Sunny shall be a name to take under attention.

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