Friday, 6 February 2009

"House De La Casa" by viba sound now live - Check It Out

"House De La Casa" by viba sound now live at Beatport Juno iTunes
Viba sound is a new electronic music band aimed at pushing their beats as far as it will go. To reach this aim they take sounds from all over the world and from all music sources. Any rock riff, funky beat or jazz melody is welcomed and revisited from a electronic perspective. As result you can find in the viba sound styles like electro-lounge, funky-house or cyber-rock.
This eclecticism in the viba sound is due to the origins of the members of band, located both in indie and electronic music scene. In last years these influences have merged and created the viba sound. The viba sound collective is also involved in electronic music production, filling the dance floor of the most exciting clubs all over the world with house beats.

Enjoy and stay tuned

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