Thursday, 9 July 2015

André Rio Convida Luciano Magno & Benil - Viva Permanbuco TourEuropa Album live

Viva Pernambuco / Tour Europa album with André Rio, Luciano Magno and Benil is the story of Northeastern Brazil rhythms told through music and is now made available at #iTunes #Amazon #GooglePlay #eMusic 
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Viva Pernambuco / Tour Europa Project with André Rio, Luciano Magno and Benil is the presentation of the great show that is on Tour throughout important European cities and festivals this summer.
André Rio, singer and composer from Pernambuco with a musical career of 25 years , 16 CDs and more than 10 tours on European festivals such as  Montreux Jazz Festival, Milan Latin American and Zurich Music Festival, his songs showcase the rhythms of Northeastern Brazil.
Benil has a 12 years career in Brazil and abroad. The Tour has also Luciano Magno’s musical direction, composer and instrumentalist which was consecrated for the accuracy and preciousness of his arrangements in various musicals where he has acted such as Carnival Recife Music Festival and “Causos e Cantos”. The great technical quality of this Album and Tour is assured to grant that Europe and the world recognizes that Pernambuco is a musical and cultural reference of Brazil.

VIVA PERNAMBUCO/TOUR EUROPA album and show is a true mosaic of rhythms and trends surrounding the grand Pernambuco scene and brings in its repertoire songs of true icons of our culture, as Luiz Gonzaga, Capiba, Getúlio Cavalcanti, Alceu Valenca and songs from André Rio and Benil, in order to promote and publicize the great touristic and cultural potential of Recife and its state.

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