Tuesday, 27 May 2014

FREEDOM REINS new B.T.B. Blue Tone Boy single live

FREEDOM REIGNS by B.T.B. Blue Tone Boy new single live @ iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - Amazon - GooglePlay - DjTunes - eMusic - Rhapsody ... check it out
Freedom comes when you are in control of your own destiny, your own emotions and are free to plan every step of your life without fear of being held back by anyone. Come and grab this deep slice of freedom straight out of the hands of B.T.B.B Blue Tone Boy and run with it all the way to your own musical land ! With enticing ambient sounds mixed with funky beats and euphoric highs that make you want to burst out of the grey world that holds you back and into the world of beautiful colours and good vibes ! I can assure you music lovers....This slice of freedom is one you will never want to let go of for a long time to come!

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