Friday, 18 October 2013

Call Of The Sound by DJ Hakma/Chris Teker

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DJ Hakma's style is appreciated by a demanding public both in terms of sounds and art. In 2005, the doors of the biggest chic and “underground” Parisian Clubs opened to him. In 2006, he founded the collective called “UnderKlub” and in 2007, he became official Dj of the ‘J&B”whisky brand. Then he began a tour in the biggest French clubs.
In 2008, he toured in Tahiti and played several dates in Europe.
He became resident of the “Electroniquement VĂ´tre” parties organized by his collective at “La Java”. There he shared lineups with Teenage Bad Girls, Fukkk Offf, Housemeister, Mustard Pimp, Toxic Avenger, Huoratron, Stereo Heroes and many others...
End 2010, he transcribed the energy and the power of his sets in his tracks “On the floor” and “Sound Electro Army”on LAD Records. Several remixes follow for different French artists.
Together with Chris Teker Dj Hakma now presents “Call Of The Sound” an EP including “Call Of The Sound” (Original and Kevin B Remix) and “What You Want” (Original)

Chris Teker diversity of minimal and electro sounds make him one of the most skilled avant-garde Paris DJ’S (Triptych, The Madam, Folie's Pigalle, Paris on Vinyl, Glazart, Java, Redlight , Concorde Atlantique ...) with a culture of House Music and mix art.

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