Friday, 17 May 2013

B.T.B. Blue Tone Boy "Tree Of Life" New EP out now ... enjoy

B.T.B. Blue Tone Boy "Tree Of Life" new EP out now and worldwide availabe @ iTunes - Beatport - Junodownload - DjShop - Djdownload - SpotifyGoogle Play - eMusic - Rhapsody - 7DigitalAmazon ...
"...B.T.B., Blue Tone Boy was brought up on many varied soundscapes from reggae roots and dub, to rock n roll disco pop electro house music techno break beat which all made the foundations for the making of Blue Tone Boy concepts of music production. Some people realized when Blue was growing up that his easy ability to make rhythms was something that would make people comment on, and to Blue this was part of the course of his musical life which was in part to express his musical creations to all he made contact with. Now coming right up to date people are enjoying even more so the music of Blue Tone Boy ... Getting rave reviews from people around the world Blue Tone is now getting the attention he rightly deserves as his only mission in life is to get great sounding musical dance based underground productions to the people who can appreciate such wide and cinematic deep meaning tracks... Blue Tone Boy has a favorite quotation for all of those involved in the dance music world who can hold themselves together through thick and thin, that is the following: " It's a long road ain' t no turning back " ..."

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