Thursday, 25 October 2012

'bias-cut' new EP now released "Smoke" is live ... enjoy!

BIAS-CUT new EP "Smoke" worldwide available now @ iTunes - Junodownload - Beatport - DjTunes - Audiojelly - HMVdigital - Djdownload - PachadownloadAmazon7Digital ...

"bias-cut” are Thomas Adl-Amini (mr.adl / producer) and Oliver Beinstingel (DJ)
mr.adl has been a DJ since 1996, he started as a producer of Progressive House / Techhouse / electronic tracks in 2002, he soon stopped DJing and devoted himself completely to producing music
DJ Blueglasses started in 1990 with Hip Hop and since 2000 he deeply got into electronic music. He considers himself as an “Afterhour DJ”, but he has also played in clubs such as the “Airport” in Germany, well known worldwide.
Bias-cut have released a number of tracks with various labels, and now present via LAD Records their new techno EP “SMOKE”
Pulsating rhythms and a fine beat  it is what it’s all about !

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