Tuesday, 18 September 2012

“FIXER TATTOO” by Dj Wolfe is now released and available - Check it out

FIXER TATTOO” by DJ WOLFË now released and available @ iTunes- Junodownload- Beatport- Djdownload- DjTunes- Audiojelly- Pachadownload- SatelliteRecords- Amazon ...
For the last few years, Anthony Baah a.k.a DJ WOLFË was an urban artist trying to get noticed. It wasn't until earlier in 2012 that this Producer/DJ/Artist would make a decision that would change his life.

He began to put 100% focus in creating house music. He would work his 9-5 shift come home where he has built his own studio and start making songs. He would not move on to the next song until the last song was finished. At this point he would play the rough copies to anyone he had an opportunity to w/o telling them the music was his; the responses exceeded his expectations. After creating 3 songs he decided get mastering done as a separate process as he considered his recording space to be "not so pro yet".

The 1st song he created entitled "Fixer Tattoo" was appreciated so much by his master engineer (who is based out in the UK) that they offered him to send his song to labels worldwide.

He has since played at some major nightclubs in Toronto including SKYBAR (THE GUVERMENT), TATTOO ROCK PARLOUR, and COBRA, In addition, he played in more intimate spots such as Wild Indigo and Charlies Gallery.

A definite talent to keep your eyes on.

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