Wednesday, 12 October 2011

"Voices" EP by Tosch Ltd live - Enjoy it

 "Voices" EP by Tosch Ltd is now worldwide available at Juno- iTunes-Beatport  ... Do not fail it ...Tosch has achieved massive respect from his audience reaching high chart-positions in Europe as worldwide.
Now, the German Top-DJ is back with a brand new project on LAD Records - Tosch Ltd. !
In all his tracks you can listen to massive trance-influences, but with Tosch Ltd he goes one step further, big pads and a wonderful hook on a groovy beat, a melody taken out of anybodys dreams, all together combined with the actual tempo of 130 bpm.
Dream and Dance, while this song is played in your club, let yourself be driven to a beach listening to water or to waves, nevertheless, the stomping beats will wake you up and against your will, you start to dance.
Tosch Ltd. stands for high-energy-trance !

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