Thursday, 3 March 2011

"Heroes Of The Night" the great new Tosch EP live now - do not fail it

"Heroes Of The Night" the just released EP by Tosch now worldwide available at Juno-DjDownload-HMVDigital-iTunes-7Digital-Napster -eMusic-FNAC...With over 100 different releases and more than 100 bookings per year around Europe, Tosch can state from himself to be a -Heroe of the Night-. But Tosch produced this progressive House-Track not for himself: it s a hymn to all the hard workers in many clubs around the globe. “Heroes Of The Night” is a hymn to every kind of job, a hymn to everybody who s living and loving the nightlife.
With “Heroes of the Night”, Tosch created a very dancable house-track with massive influence of electro and trance in the Main-Mix. This version is very coloured and works with unexpected uplifters and sounds. Although there are happening many things the track is not overload, its very clear and going fast forward. The second mix comes up in the actual and loved house-electro-style. More minimal ! Reduced on beat and groove.
A surprise to every ear, a great taste to every listener. Enjoy.

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