Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Tosch with Michaela Danner "Take me On" the EP - do not fail it

"Take me On" by Tosch with Michaela Danner now worldwide available at Juno-DjDownload-HMVDigital-iTunes-Napster-7Digital-eMusic...

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-Take me on- to a trip into the night. That’s what they’re singing in this song, and it is a trip into the night; But a different trip !
Normally you think about fat synth-sounds, flats and riffs when you’re going to listen to a trance-track, not so, in this case, there are synth-sounds but the main-instrument in this track is a wonderful, small violin, played by a very talented German Female-Violinist: Michaela Danner
Michaela Danner is playing her violin since she was a 4 years old, meanwhile she is booked to support the biggest artists around the globe. M. Danner was on Tour with Nevio, Sportfreunde Stiller, Adoro and Andrea Berg. She also played different TV-Shows; Wetten Dass...?, The Dome, and supported artists like: David Garett, LaFee, Philip Cole, Helene Fischer, Semino Rossi and many more.
Tosch invited her into his studio and they created a pumping trance-track, filling every floor with energy and happiness. Michaela Danner played the hook and the main-theme with her violin and -believe me- it sounds awesome. It is a track to dream, it is a track to dance and also to freak out.
Your actually mood decides what you want to do on the floor, when this song is played.
Sometimes the violin is strong, pushing forward, sometimes very slow, calm and like a stranger in the night.

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