Wednesday, 7 July 2010

"Heaven Calls" by Tosch just released - do not fail it

"Heaven Calls" the just released Tosch EP now worldwide available at Juno-iTunes-Beatport ...
TOSCH’s new production ”Heaven Calls”, already the title itself getting the highest of attention by various radio stations and Compilation-CDs.
Here is a short description of the title: - Heaven Calls-
… is a simple Dance Pop production with very in-usual melody and a driving beat, which differentiates this dance production from other music pieces. Listen to the voice of the singer, a singer from the United Kingdom, called Mhyst with a wonderful, warm sound.
The text is all about angels who accompany each one in life, over the heights and depths of life, love, and fellow men.
And the sky calls everyone sometime; a genuine authentic text.

Tosch stands as DJ for party and life-desire, but real life and party do not exclude themselves, the opposite again is the case.
With - Heaven Calls- the German star-DJ shows us once again his class and his authorization to belong to the international music industry as to be an outstanding top DJ/producer.
1. Original Mix
2. UK-Clubmix
3. Radio-Edit
4. UK-Radio-Edit
Words and Vocals by Mhyst
Music written, Track produced and composed by Thomas –Tosch- Schillinger & Peter Ballweg. 2010 !!

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