Wednesday, 28 April 2010

"Deep Water" by Wharmton Rise live - do not fail it

"Deep Water" by Wharmton Rise worlwide available at  Juno - iTunes - Beatport
In "Deep Water" Wharmton Rise (aka Andrew Mark Lawlor) serves up nicely polished perfect chill peppered with occasional bits of arena-rock guitar flair. Comparisons will most certainly be draw "Sunfilght" is the clear descendent of Enigma with hints of Jarre at the corners; "Cocentric Circles" brings Oldfield TB3 directly to mind. Ethereal operatic vocals along with middle Eastern melodies fall like silk ribbons across the sound.But the influences don't detract from what Wharmton Rise is putting forth, they're comfortably familiar, not forced, not lifted part and parcel from the source. The grooves are soft and smooth, the sound palette is lush and warm and an infusion of New Age undertones keeps the hipster aspects of chill toned down.
Wharmton Rise is at is best on "Deep Water" and has created a great album you'll happily go back to and whatching for more in the future

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