Friday, 26 February 2010

Goran Geto "Beyond The Sky - Chapter 1 Departure" new EP - Check It Out

"Beyond The Sky" by Goran Geto is now live at Juno - iTunes -  Beatport ...
Goran Geto's music career started at 1988 with his own band "Ghetto Blaster" join together with Drowsy High and D.J.D. (aka D.J. Munja). At latest 1990's he worked as a sound engineer in famous Belgrade Studio "O", mostly with Vojislav Aralica earning a reputation for remixes, production and post production doing for many famous Serbian artists like Ana Stanic, Disciplin' A Kitschme, Tanja Banjanin, Marina Perazic, Gala, Xenia, Beat Street, Who Is The Best, Tyna, Diana, Adrianna May, Lora Orlovic, Intruder, Riblje Pusenje, Prljavi Inspektor Blaza, Nikola Pejakovic Kolja and many others... Also he take a part in movie Black Cat White Cat with cult director Emir Kusturica doing digital sound edit.
Goran Geto presents us now his own project "Beyond The Sky"!
Check it out and enjoy

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