Monday, 12 October 2009

Thomas Schillinger "Kastanja making Noise" now live-Do not Fail It

Thomas Schillinger, the techno-project and real name of Tosch is back with a fantastic tribal techno-EP "Kastanja making Noise" now live at Juno- BeatportiTunes 
The EP includes 2 different tracks with 2 different mixes. "Kastanja", the main-track of the record is a great tribal techno-shooter with a burning guitar-theme. "Noise" goes the harder's tek-style which blows out your mind and damages your speakers if you listening too loud. Thats for sure.
With Thomas Schillinger, Tosch created a very successful techno-act. First Release came on wellknown techno-label Beatdisaster (GER) and was called "Les Alpes". "Les Alpes" hit the techno-charts on position 2 and was something like the in-official hymn of Streetparade 2009 (Techno-Parade in Switzerland with near 1 Million Visitors).
Can "Kastanja making Noise" also reach this success ? We are absolutely sure !

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