Thursday, 10 September 2009

'Black And White Love Story' album by D.A.R.T.S live - Do Not Fail It

'Black And White Love Story' live at iTunes -  Juno 
D.A.R.T.S (aka Darren Dunne) is a musician, songwriter and producer from Dublin, Ireland. By sixteen he had written over fifty songs and had formed a band (The Petrolleum Jelly Babies), latter he formed the band Gasoline while living in London gaining a devoted following and minor critical success.
Having returned to Dublin to join the band Romolus Pop he spent the following two years gigging around Ireland, headlining top venues and getting airplay on national radio. At 25 Darren decided to start producing his own music and spent the next three years writing and producing for him and other artists.
'Black And White Love Story' album was six months in the making, written and recorded and is now starts being live on digital stores.
D.A.R.T.S will be playing live in Dublin, nationwide and eventually Europe sometime next year.

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