Friday, 5 December 2008

ANGELOS by Angelos - Check It Out

ANGELOS by Angelos EP
now live at  Juno - Beatport - iTunes 
Angelos has started as an amateur House and Trance producer only as a hobby, 2 years later and after constant working on his songs and through friends, acquaintances in the music industry and label urgings he decided to publish his songs. His first release on several digital platforms is mostly focused on Dance House tracks.
Coming from different backgrounds he started adopting House and Trance music after high school where he worked for a short time as a DJ in Athens. Then through his University years in Berlin while being around and seeing live most of the famous Trance artists, he got a deeper understanding in this kind of music and song mixing.
Always trying to mix different styles in order to present more unique songs and broaden his music horizons from all kind of genres; he never stops exploring and testing new possibilities of sounds. His first release is just the beginning as he is always working on something new.


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