Thursday, 2 October 2008

DIGIVIBE Live - Take a look

"DIGIVIBE" Now Live @ Beatport - Juno - iTunes 
Started his musical career in 1982 in a punk band called The Legion of Parasites had a career which lasted until 1993, releasing 3 albums, a 12", and numerous releases on compilations worldwide having played hundreds of gigs, in Europe and the UK.
After "The Legion of Parasites" he starts a dub reggae band, called Frantasise,which was very successful, gigging with bands such as Desmond Decker and the Israelites, the Rythmites, and R.D.F., who were big fans.
During the existence of Frantasise Digivibe was involved in producing a single for Desmond from the TV show of the same name.
For the last 7 years his musical influences come from Tec House.
Played chill out at events by Gods Kitchen, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter and others, also played out his Tec House tunes at various events including Festivals.
Is now releasing Digivibe homonymous album available on digital platforms October 6th (Beatport-Juno-Ministry of Sound...) trough LAD being Digivibe Feat Vern and Digivibe Feat Danny to be live very soon.
Hope you enjoy.

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