Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Girandon aka JG Project & Vergi D'Angelo feat. Samuel Lucas "Summer Experience" Out Now

Girandon aka JG Project & Vergi D'Angelo feat. Samuel Lucas "Summer Experience" Out Now
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25 year old Dj Girandon began his journey into the world of electronic music and non-stop parties in 2001. He started of as a techno dj, and early on opted for the funkier side of the genre. In the beginning of 2002 he first tried his hand at production, and from that moment on, he hasn’t been able to quit. His tastes have changed during this time, from Techno to House, and now Electro, but he's always kept things funky and danceable. As a Dj he has played all the major clubs in his native country Slovenia, and lately started playing a couple of gigs abroad. In the past few years most of his energy has been focused on production. In this time he amassed a respectful collection of tracks, and is pumping out new ones. He's been releasing tracks under several monikers, and in collaboration with other like-minded representatives of the Slovenian electronic scene including Viktoria Rebeka, Vergi D'Angelo and Moongoos. His releases so far include Dirty Spring, Digital Instruments, Midfreak and My Way (with Vergi D'Angelo) all on Loopfreaks, Power Drums (together with Moongoos) and Higher on Music Trax Records, and a number of remixes both on Loopfreaks and Music Trax. His newest release is Summer Experience (with Vergi D'Angelo featuring the vocal talents of Samuel Lucas), a track that's sure to give you some nostalgia for all the summer parties gone by, out on the 16th of September.
G&M Style (with Moongoos), a funky vocal house workout that is already proving to be a real dancefloor filler will see the light of day on the 26th of September, both on Lad Records
Girandon, aka JG Project is a force to be reckoned with in the studio, as well as on the dancefloors.

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