Wednesday, 27 August 2008

"Lucky You" by Orelse - Check It Out

Live at Beatport - Juno -  iTunes 
Orelse is Orestis Papavasiliou and lives in Athens, Greece.
He has been listening to all kinds of music since he was young and from the age of seven until he was twelve years old he had piano lessons.
As time was going by, Orelse was discovering the power of music in bands like:The Doors,The Cure,Pink Floyd and many other artists of the rock and reggae scene and he was amazed how lyrics and melody can become a part of history.
In 1999 he went to a club for the first time where he found out that he was very keen on electronic music and he very much enjoyed that everyone was dancing like crazy with a big smile on their faces.
Shortly afterwards he finds amateur music programmers and starts to deal with sequences and patterns among beats and percussions filled with pads and landscapes.
As time goes by he deals with more professional equipment and he studies to be a sound engineer with success. The chances are endless as he is getting more and more fun of making music….with a large discography he has now “Lucky You” released by LAD.
Hope you enjoy it…

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