Friday, 25 July 2008

"Lights Going Outta" by Flash Ft. Tosch - The Newest Ep - Do Not Miss It

Now available @  Juno  iTunes - Beatport 
Tosch is a techno-producer and dj from Germany. For many he is titled "marathon-producer" since he doe over than 30 productions per year in various styles.
Normally he plays techno (straight, tribal) or hardhouse, although he is not fixed on one style. He can play funky, housy, groovy, trancy or hard, maybe his style is "very danceable techno"!Tosch was originally signed on German-label Aqualoop (Hands-Up) and there he starts with his first release in 2001,but Tosch was not amused to be scheduled in only one style, so he started producing "electronic dance-music".Today you can listen to 15 different projects made by Tosch, he has created such successful projects like; Da Cute (Hardstyle), Tom Dole (House), TFS (Techno), Maria (DancePop), Ray & Kay (House) and many others and he's working for such cult-labels like Bonzai (BE), Traffic (UK), Riot (UK), Hitland (Italy), Universal, Positive (F) and many more.Today he's working with artists from Australia (Sonic Monkey) or California (Nia Nabi) and he's doing his own projects.With Flash he formed an electro/house-project which is upcoming now with the first release in 2008: “Lights Going Outta! “true LAD. It’s a very tribal beat with nice hook and reggae-vocals which makes this track very different to others. The track is outstanding but also for the masses. This track and the three different mixes could be played in every club or on every floor.It's happy and animates for having a great party.Hope you enjoy it and stay tuned.

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