Thursday, 20 March 2008

HARRI KAKOULLI "FEAR TO PRAY" ALBUM-Appreciate it and stay tuned..

HARRI KAKOULLI is a well known name on worldwide music.
Author, composer and performer he achieved world reputation as a leader on the past 15th years.
HARRI KAKOULLI created, produced and mixed compilations like “FUSE1” and “FUSE2” to renamed artists such as LOCA with NATACHA ATLAS, UZMA with NATASHA ATLAS and ZAHAREMA released by labels like EX NATION RECORDS or SIX DEGREE RECORDS
HOTEL MARRAKESH is another of his series with great prestige where HARRI KAKOULLI music is worldwide appreciated.

“FEAR TO PRAY” now worldwide released by LAD is a continuation of his great creations being a master piece that gives us the genius and dedication of HARRI KAKOULLI musical creations which he has idealized and conceived between London and Cyprus and is now available on:

Juno - iTunes - Beatport
Appreciate it and stay tuned...

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