Tuesday, 29 January 2008


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Currently Paris-based, Natalino NUNES was born in Cabo Verde and raised in Portugal. Growing up surrounded by traditional cabo verde music and his taste for the electro music, He became a DJ productor of electronic music inspired by famous international DJ such Jeff MILLES or Carl COX. Although his african musical culture and the influence of electronic music, the arrangements bring a fresh sound, like tribal House, techno, progressive house, progressive electro. Natalino started his debut scene at the middle 90 It was at the age of 16 years, under the influence techno, it will gradually move toward Tech House in a style funky, groovy.
Arrived in France where he played in different clubs, “After” Parisians such as Pulp, the Bus Palladium, Studios, Day Light, Zoo Bar and many private evenings.
In 2004, he mixed at the Gay Pride on the chariot of “Vogue” and then He has a resident at this club. Natalino mixed with famous DJ Parisians like Freddy, Paco, Warrio, Fabrice Mondor, Alex Kid, Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclar or Sonic... Later, he resided Paname (Paris) and D-Club (Switzerland). In summer 2005, he had residents DJ for the evenings LOVE BOAT on the boat's King River (Paris) and Mixer Bar (Paris). This year, we found him at Redlight (Paris), l’├ętoile (Paris), at the Duplex (Paris), Nix Nox (Paris), at the Villa for the evening "Chic Underground" (Paris). In summer 2006, will be seen him on events in Geneva (Switzerland) at the Barrio Latino and the Cube and in many private evenings.
Now, you can find him in different club like folies pigal (Paris) in the spoon (Croatia)...

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