Thursday, 13 November 2008

ETNIK EXPERIENCE by Mariano Escudero - Do Not Fail It

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Mariano Escudero artist, composer, researcher, yogi, has created the "Etnik Experience" as the first chapter of a story that has as protagonists characters that have marked the course of this civilization and who have been lost in the shadows of the story that tries not to interrupt the dream that she herself has created. The mystical of quartz bowls, Tibetan bells, the Didgeridoo, all tools used by cultures extremely connected with the knowledge. Through the silence we access to ourselves.
Only after feeling the power silence can feel sound. Mariano Escudero has worked with many artists in Peru, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, U.S., Europe and now presents Etnik Experience, a electronic-minimalist ethnic work that will be the beginning of a series of samples of distinct ethnicities.

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